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Professional Service to other Institutions

  1. Coordinator, Session on Nanotechnology, MEMSNANO - An International Conference at the IIT-Kharagpur in Dec 2005
  2. Member, Advisory Committee, ICAMMP 2006 (International Conference on Advanced Materials and Materials Processing), to be held in Kharagpur in Feb 2006.
  3. Member, National Organizing Committee, National Laser Symposium, Indian Laser Association, IIT-Kharagpur, December 22-24, 2003.
  4. Member, Curriculum Revision Committee on Materials Engineering, Indian National Engineering Academy (INAE), 2003.
  5. Referee, Acta/Scripta Mater. (Elsevier Science); J. Appl. Phys. (Amer. Inst. of Phy.), Appl. Surface Science (Elsevier), Metall. & Mater. Trans. (ASM, USA), Philos. Mag. (Gordon & Breach), J. Mater. Research (MRS).
  6. Referee, Bulletin of Materials Science, published by Ind. Acad. of Sci., Bangalore.
  7. Expert, SRF & RA Selection Committee and Project Review Expert of the CSIR.
  8. Expert, Young Scientist Selection and Project Evaluation of the CSIR.
  9. Paper Setter & Examiner - B.E. College (Cal. Univ.).
  10. Paper Setter & Examiner - Indian Inst. of Metals, Associateship (AMIIM) Examn.
  11. Examiner - Inst. of Engineers (India), AMIE (I) Examn.
  12. Examiner - Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE), IIT-Kharagpur.
  13. Examiner - Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), IIT-Kharagpur.
  14. Examiner - confidential work related to GATE and JEE at the IIT-Kharagpur.
  15. Examiner - PhD, MS, BS thesis - I.I.Sc., Bangalore, B.E. College (Cal. Univ.).
  16. Consultant, Consultancy rendered to Century Extrusions Ltd., Nimpura, Kharagpur.
  17. Principal Consultant, EPCOS Ferrites Ltd, Kolkata.
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