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My Students

Mr. Supriya Bera
(Ph.D Student)
Year of Joining : 2005
Address : MMM Hall, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur - 721302
Contact No. : +91-3222-281710 (Lab), +91-9433467827 (M)
e-mail : supriya@metal.iitkgp.ernet.in, supriyabera@gmail.com

Qualifications :
M.S. (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering), IIT Kharagpur, 2005
B. E. (Metallurgy), B. E. College, 2002
PhD Topic : Cu alloys for electrical applications
Research Areas : Nanocystalline metals and alloys, Composite materials, mechanical alloying, phase transformation, Metal hydride, ECAP

Publication and Presentations :
1.  S. Bera and I. Manna "Polymorphic phase transformation in Ti50Zr50 binary alloy by mechanical alloying" Materials Science and Engineering A, Volume 417, Issues 1-2, 15 February 2006, Pages 110-113
2.  S. Bera and I. Manna "Hexagonal close packed to face centered cubic polymorphic transformation in nanocrystalline titanium-zirconium system by mechanical alloying" Journal of Alloys and Compound (article in press)
3.  S. Bera, S. Mazumdar, M. Ramgopal, S. Bhattacharyya, I. Manna "Prediction of enthalpy of formation and Gibbs energy change in pseudo binary (Ti-Zr)(Fe-Cr)2 and pseudo ternary (Ti-Zr)(Fe-Cr)2-H system using extended Miedema model" Journal of Materials Science (accepted)

Conference Presentations
1.   M. Ramgopal, S. Mazumdar, S. Bhattacharyya, S. Bedbak, S. Bera, and I. Manna, "Compressor driven metal hydride systems for refrigeration and heat pumping applications", Proceedings of Belarus-India Workshop on 'Advances in sorption based thermal devices', Minsk, Belarus, Nov. 2-3, 2004 (invited talk).
2.  S. Bera, S. Mazumdar, E. Naidu, M. Ramgopal, S. Bhattacharyya, and I. Manna, "Effect of Graphite Dispersion on Thermal Conductivity of Nanocrystalline (Ti,Zr)(Fe,Cr)2 alloys", International Conference on 'Nano-Materials: sysnthesis, characterization and application', November 4 - 6, 2004, Kolkata, India, 2004 (Poster presentation).
3.   S. Bera, I. Manna "Effect of nanocrystallization on phase evolution in mechanical alloying of binary metallic systems", Annual Technical Meeting, IIM, Chennai, November 14-16, 2005 (Oral presentation)

Association and Membership :
1.  Member of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM).
2.  Member of Materials Research Society of India (MRSI).
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